In Other Cross-Cultural Goofs

I’ve been gone for a while, busy on research and just enjoying the city. But some fun experiences prompted me to get back to the travel blog.

What gets you the most about traveling international and the little things, the small differences in pronunciation, spellings, terms, and products. Continue reading “In Other Cross-Cultural Goofs”


Into the Bush

Our program arranged a “bush” excursion for us this weekend to spend time with a speaker on Aboriginal culture, and experience some non-tourist nature. It was quite the experience. Continue reading “Into the Bush”

Tips for Overseas Travelers #1

As noted in the previous post, there are a lot of things to get used to when finding oneself abroad. General ‘culture shock’ is enough of a mental hangover, but once that settles there are other things that one must be weary of, such as medical needs. Continue reading “Tips for Overseas Travelers #1”

Cultural Differences

I have been in Australia for about a week now, and It’s interesting how a place that seems so familiar can be so different. I mean when you imagine Australia, you think of the outback, but when you imagine the people, you see a culture that speaks the same language as in the states and comes from a British-colonial history like the States. But it is definitely a different place in a lot of ways. Continue reading “Cultural Differences”