Notes from Flight 2

After a delayed flight, nearly losing my jacket, and a Skype conversation with the parentals, I am now headed to LA. What’s funny is with the time different, we left Dallas/Fort Worth around 7:20 PM to arrive in LA nearly three hours later, at 8:15 PM. We are literally moving through time. It was sunset as the plane took off, and a mere 20 minutes into the flight, we are traveling through mid-day sunlight as we head west.

There is a group of students on-board from People to People Ambassadors. I noticed them at the terminal gate all decked out in burgundy polos, P2P lanyards, khakis, and tennis shoes. I am sitting with two of them now in (once again) the last seat of the plane, directly in front of the bathroom. That’s right, I get to dodge the bathroom crowd every few minutes all over again. The kids in my row are from Illinois and Indiana (go figure). Anyway they seem pretty cool and are headed to Australia as well. They’ll be touring the city from north to south, starting in Cairns.

Anyway, that’s all for now. The big flight is left!

Curious Sky Mall products for sale:
*Stairwells/ramps for pets
*Rechargeable Pool Vac (that just sounds dangerous)
*Garage Parking Stops (they literally want you to pull into a parking garage, pick the spot you want to park in, get out of your car and place that mats down where you want to park your car, and then get back in your car and drive over the mats for the perfect park)…
*Flip Fins (Tagline: “Walk Normally Wearing Your Snorkel or Scuba Fins)…


And We’re Off

Well, I’ve started my journey and I’m currently on-board my first flight of the trip. I can’t complain so far. Looking out the window and seeing little puffs of clouds reminds me of what I enjoy about being on a plane. Continue reading “And We’re Off”