Zoo Day!!

So today was a Sunday well spent. My roommate called out from the kitchen, “By the way, I’m leaving for the zoo in 20 minutes”, and that was reason enough for me to get up and get the day started. We headed to Central Station, bought our tickets and rode the train to Circular Quay Continue reading “Zoo Day!!”


Hello world!


Most of you may know me as Nicole, author of the HipsterSpinster music blog. Well when I’m not writing about music around Bloomington, I am also a student at Indiana University and finally starting my senior year. But before I hit the textbook store for that final academic year, I will be taking a fabulous opportunity to study abroad for about six weeks in Sydney Australia.

I’m pretty excited about the trip. I don’t even leave for another month, but I am already to jazzed to sit still, so I figured I’d get started on my blog for the trip. There are still a lot of preparations to be made, but I can still share what I’m learning in the process, and hopefully you can get excited too.

Right now I’m getting the basic logistics ready and starting to read this:

The countdown is starting I leave in about a month!