And We’re Off

Well, I’ve started my journey and I’m currently on-board my first flight of the trip. I can’t complain so far. Looking out the window and seeing little puffs of clouds reminds me of what I enjoy about being on a plane.

After giving the parentals hugs, back up hugs, letting them watch me go through security, and giving them that final glance/wave, I headed to the gate. It was only a 10/15 minute wait, and I’d seated myself right between a group of middle-aged friends. Two of them were heading to Texas for business, while the other two friends they ran into were on their way to destinations with their families. It was pleasant hearing them joke and catch up.

I turns out I ended up on the last row of the plane, which meant the engine was (loudly) right out my window. There was a couple with a baby diagonal from me and a mother-daugther pair seated beside me. Oh, and yes, I was right in front of the bathroom. I am really glad I decided to bring an mp3 player on this trip.

Anyway, we just reached 36,000 ft and apparently it is 93 degrees in Dallas, but since there are thunderstorms around their as well, we have to re-route the plane a little. I still will have plenty of time to grab some grub.

First Flight Songs:
“Tuesday” e.p. hall
“the most trustworthy tin cans” Maps & Atlases
“Head to Toe” Kings of Leon
“Where Nobody Knows” Kings of Leon
“Nothing Worth Keeping” Chemic
“Wigger Street” Away With Vega
“Velvet Snow” Kings Of Leon
“big bopper anthems” Maps & Atlases
“Everyplace Is A House” Maps & Atlases
“Oh My Mama” Alela Diane
“Witch” Maps & Atlases
“Candle Spirit Leave” Grampall Jookabox
“Boom Boom” The Animals
“Higher and Higher” Jackie Wilson
“Rainbow Connection” Dave Davison & Laura Stevenson
“We Used To Vacation” Cold War Kids
“Take Me From Diamond Head” Grampall Jookabox
“Pigeon” Maps & Atlases
“england lives” husband&wife
“Please Come Back” Catfish Haven


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