Letting My Guard Down

Alright, I’ve got about two weeks left to get ready for this trip, and I decided to do a little more background research on this whole beach thing.

Turns out most beaches are protected by nets to keep the sharks and such out. And the nets are repaired during the month of May. There are also a lot of sea water pools cut out of rock, which are pretty safe for swimming, so I guess I have less of a need to freak. 🙂

In other research, I’m really enjoying In A Sunburned Country, it’s an entertaining read and Bill Bryson’s description of his own sleeping pattens is hilarious. All should check it out if they are curious about Australialand.

Now that I have put my water fears behind me I have the daunting task of finding a suitable swimsuit…

Also a few of my friends have arrived in their summer abroad destinations, and it’s really fun reading their blogs and emails. It gets me extra-excited to start my trip in a couple of weeks.


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